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Our market updates are more than just an endless reel of facts and figures. We give you insight into why the markets are moving, which figures are important and what it all means for you.

"Financial martial law" is a more powerful and destructive version of financial repression. It's coming to Britain, says Tim Price. And it's a direct threat to your freedom.
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  • Shoot the protestors

    If you’ve been trading sterling over the last few days, I tip my hat to you. If you’ve turned a profit, I tip it again. With another vote of no confidence on the table, the distinct lack of a dull…

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  • How to split the market

    I bought my father a splitting maul for his birthday a few years ago. Turned out to be the best present I’ve ever given him. By the time I got to have a go with it in December, it was…

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  • This Could Be Worse Than 1929

    BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – The stock market may have resumed its selloff sooner than we expected. The Dow fell 660 points on Thursday after Apple announced weak sales – mostly in China. Here’s Bloomberg: The S&P 500 Index tumbled 2.5 percent…

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  • $AAPL crumble

    By Christmas, my iPhone SE had less battery life than a Mayfly and needed a replacement. I headed to the Apple store to take a look at the latest iPhone X. I was wholly uninspired by the design, and wondered…

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  • The spring of hope, the winter of despair

    Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good Hogmanay. I had a great time back home in Scotland where today there’s an extra bank holiday to provide more hangover recovery time. But now I’m back at my desk…

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  • Range bound doesn’t have to mean profitless

    It’s the last day of 2018. I hope it’s been a great year for you personally. Because it wasn’t for financial markets. But there’s no point reliving what made markets tank in 2018. It’s probably still fresh in your mind….

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  • Season’s greetings from Southbank Investment Research

    A short note from me today. I’d just like to wish you a very Merry Christmas on behalf of myself and everyone else at Southbank Investment Research. We write to you often about markets and money, risk and opportunity, but…

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  • Listen to this

    I’ve not got something for you to read today, but something to listen to. It’s the Southbank Annual Roundtable event that we’ve just recorded. Nick Hubble, chief strategist of Zero Hour Alert, Harry Hamburg, editor of Exponential Investor, Nick O’Connor,…

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  • The Judas Pair

    If the US stock and bond markets were to close for the year today, it would be the first time in over 40 years that both assets ended the year in the red. There’s a few weeks in December yet,…

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  • The safety is off

    It’s time to appreciate the sunset as this year draws to a close, and reflect on what 2018 really meant for financial markets. What’s past is prologue; let’s see what we can arm ourselves with from the last 12 months…

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