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Our market updates are more than just an endless reel of facts and figures. We give you insight into why the markets are moving, which figures are important and what it all means for you.

Charlie Morris and Nick Martin discuss how insurance firms make their money, and how the best firms manage underlying risk in their portfolio.
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After an initial bump, markets took the news of the Italian referendum vote in their stride. Does that mean Italy and Europe are out of the woods?
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Will rising inflation mean higher mortgage rates in the UK? Usually higher rates lead to falling property prices. But there may be stronger forces at work.
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A stockmarket crash in 2017?

It’s time to take stock of the stockmarket. It’s been a remarkable two decades. We’ve had three booms and two crashes. In the end the FTSE 100 index has gone nowhere, especially adjusted for inflation. Less than half the companies…

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Central Banks’ $13 Trillion Problem

GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – The Dow was down 118 points yesterday. It should be down a lot more. Of course, markets know more than we do. And maybe this market knows something that makes sense of these high prices. What we…

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The Last Time This Happened Was in 2008

CAFAYATE, ARGENTINA – The Dow fell about 100 points yesterday. It’s not hard to see why… Factory output dropped the most since last August, led by declining auto sales. Meanwhile, housing starts are at a four-month low. Bank loans are…

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