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Our market updates are more than just an endless reel of facts and figures. We give you insight into why the markets are moving, which figures are important and what it all means for you.

"Financial martial law" is a more powerful and destructive version of financial repression. It's coming to Britain, says Tim Price. And it's a direct threat to your freedom.
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  • The Big Poll: a readership divided

    THE RUTLAND ARMS, DERBYSHIRE – “I feel like Adam” reads a message from a friend. “I live in the garden of Eden, but I cannot partake of the fruits…” The fella in question is a university student in Edinburgh –…

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  • Coronavirus.exe

    THE OLD SMITHY, STAFFORDSHIRE – “Something very important, and indeed society changing, may come out of the Ebola epidemic that will be a very good thing: NO SHAKING HANDS!” – Donald Trump, 4 October 2014 He was ahead of his…

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  • Witching Hour

    THE ROYAL OAK, STAFFORDSHIRE – “The country is already a powder keg, and now we’ve lost Christmas.” As Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins plays over the pub speakers, Tim Price’s grim email hits all the harder. It’s not a sunny…

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  • Last orders?

    THE JUNCTION INN, STAFFORDSHIRE – Once more into the pub dear friends, once more! While we still can… I’m glad I’m not in London at the moment as the new anti-WuFlu measures come into force. Or Scotland for that matter,…

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  • Election update: can Trump take over the Supreme Court?

    You’ve got to admire the deity who decided the 2020 election needed a twist like this. When news broke Friday that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died, battle lines immediately started being drawn in the fight for her…

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  • Flying to nowhere

    THE ROYAL OAK, STAFFORDSHIRE – “Are they going to the Bermuda Triangle?” “Bitchcraft”, a (presumably) pseudonymous Twitter user in Brazil, asks a fair question. With a chart like this, you have to wonder exactly where Singapore Airlines is flying people…

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  • Games of empire

    THE KINGS ARMS, STAFFORDSHIRE – “It’s like he’s consistently lucky. Which means there’s something we’re not getting…” So remarked our energy analyst Kit Winder to me the other day (via text). He was describing the performance of Sam Curran, a…

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  • The perfect solution for yield-starved investors

    Yesterday was another grim day for markets, with tech tumbling for the third day in a row. Apple lost 6%… each of the other FAANGs lost at least 3%… and Tesla even lost 21% in trading yesterday. The misery spilled…

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  • Caught between a bull and a bear

    It’s Kit Winder here. As Will mentioned yesterday, Boaz is away this week so I’m covering for him today and Thursday. Today I want to take a look at one of the key arguments for why gold is rising. I’m…

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  • An investor’s six-letter fever dream: NASDAQ

    Just look at this thing: Tripling since the lows of 2016, the mighty Nasdaq index stands tall. The WuFlu has not been a hinderance; quite the opposite. It’s acted as an accelerant, like some kind of performance-enhancing drug. A steroid…

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