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"Financial martial law" is a more powerful and destructive version of financial repression. It's coming to Britain, says Tim Price. And it's a direct threat to your freedom.
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  • Commodities are coming back – with a vengeance

    So it turns out worldwide lockdowns are pretty bad for the economy. Who knew? Bearing the brunt of this, of course, are commodity prices. For them, 2020 has been a bloodbath. Oil briefly dipped below 0USD per barrel for the…

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  • Deep water, buried treasure

    SODERMALM, STOCKHOLM – Could this be a punter’s paradise? Goldman Sachs thinks we’re in one. Its list of stocks loved by the everyman is up nearly 70% since May, which would suggest that the “little guy” is having a big…

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  • A thoroughly vaccinated market

    SODERMALM, STOCKHOLM – “So Pfizer waits until two days after a disputed election is “called” for Biden and six days after the election itself to release details [of a vaccine] they’ve probably had for weeks? Well, nothing to see here…”…

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  • The Big Poll II

    SODERMALM, STOCKHOLM – Not a mask in sight. The pubs and restaurants are busy – often full. But the teetotaller lobby in government has a monopoly on the sale of all booze above 3.5% ABV, and taxes it to high…

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  • Get on with it, America

    And the results are in! Sort of. If, like me, you’ve been endlessly refreshing the news since Tuesday night, then you’re probably pretty keen to see the final results of what has been an extraordinary election. Votes are still being…

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  • Penny for the Guy?

    TERMINAL 1, MANCHESTER AIRPORT – Remember, remember, the fifth of November… or don’t. Her Majesty’s government certainly seems to be having trouble with it. It’s ironic that tomorrow’s lockdown across England kicks off on Guy Fawkes Day. Especially now that…

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  • The night is always darkest before The Donald

    ECCLESHALL, STAFFORDSHIRE – Prior to his presidency, way back in 2015, Donald Trump tweeted – amongst many other things – that it is “often to your advantage to be underestimated”. (Not “misunderestimated” of course – you’d have to ask George…

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  • Pubbed to death

    THE ROYAL OAK, STAFFORDSHIRE – “A Tory MP, a Labour MP and an SNP MP go into a pub. And shut it down.” – Tim Price Once more into the pubs dear friends, once more. They need the business, the…

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  • “A Good Man” for president

    ECCLESHALL, STAFFORDSHIRE – “Donald Trump has desecrated the values that make America a beacon to the world. Joe Biden is a good man who would restore steadiness and civility to the White House. If The Economist had a vote, it…

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  • Party like it’s 1826

    ECCLESHALL, STAFFORDSHIRE – A nice chart to start us off with today. While it’s no surprise where investors have placed their money in the stockmarket this year, the sheer degree to which they have shunned everything except tech stocks is…

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