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Our market updates are more than just an endless reel of facts and figures. We give you insight into why the markets are moving, which figures are important and what it all means for you.

"Financial martial law" is a more powerful and destructive version of financial repression. It's coming to Britain, says Tim Price. And it's a direct threat to your freedom.
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  • Save the $ROOs

    SOMEWHERE ON THE ABERDEEN-LONDON LINE – I hope you had a good Easter. With the Ides of March now over and the re-opening now imminent (hopefully), we wonder what delights await investors in the second quarter of 2021. A couple…

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  • Market, market, on the wall… who is the smartest of them all?

    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – Who would you trust more? A bond investor telling you they feel something is off… or a stock investor telling you everything is hunky-dory? You’ll often hear it said that “bond guys are smarter that stock guys”…

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  • An unlikely legacy

    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – A short note from me today -there’s a project I’m working on behind the scenes that demands much of my attention. We’re keeping it under wraps at the moment, but I’m looking forward to sharing it with…

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  • An untold fortune at the final frontier

    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – You won’t come across something like this every day. Of that, I’m almost certain. Here at Southbank Investment Research, the editorial team like to do a lot of reading – especially on fringe financial subjects which may…

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  • This is when you should sell

    Selling is the dark art of investing. Whether you’re watching CNBC, reading the financial news, or listening to your broker, you’ll hear about what you should buy. Buy this stock, buy that market, buy, buy, buy. But you almost never…

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  • The snake-oil lobby reveals its true colours

    Earlier this year I spotted that in 2020, solar and wind generated more electricity in Texas than coal. Since 2015, the amount of wind-generated electricity has more than doubled in Texas, and last year 23% of the state’s power came…

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  • Did you accidentally buy 1,000 chickens?

    When Steve Morrow came across an online auction advertising the “urgent sale” of a hen for the poultry sum of NZ$1.50 (£0.78), he thought he’d found himself a bargain. It wasn’t until he received a message from the seller asking…

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  • When the illusion fails to fool

    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – Is it just me, or was that an incredibly long January? Hogmanay feels forever ago (though I’m sure it feels even longer than that for those who braved Dry January). A month can be an awfully long…

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  • The Plunger’s Inquisition

    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – They’re calling it “The Capital Riot”. Over the pond, millennial militias are on the prowl. It’s patriotism run amok. They’re hunting down, brutalising and bankrupting all those suspected of committing the most anti-American activity of them all……

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  • Wile E. Musk

    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – A reader writes in: I read your posts and you are often on the mark – thank you! I wonder if you have written about Tesla. To me this appears to be the greatest bubble of them…

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