Boaz Shoshan

Murder on the Mars express

We just need to change the populations because currently we have seven billion people on Earth and none on Mars… The main reason I am personally accumulating assets is in order to fund this. I really do not have any…

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Earlier this year, I visited New York to attend a relative’s wedding. While I was there, I thought I’d take a look at the physical gold and silver scene there (among other things), and sought out a bullion dealer near…

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Weapons with Wi-Fi

A long time ago, I spoke to a man working for an Israeli defence company about the strange and curious devices the company had developed, or was developing, for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). I found one device he described…

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The Scottish Bin Laden

“I sell here, Sir, what all the world desires to have – POWER.” Matthew Boulton I’ll buy it. I found that quote on the back of the English £50 note. With all the venom that’s been directed at high denomination…

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Ultraviolet vampires

Today, a new edition of the £10 enters circulation. Another £10 note, you say? Didn’t the Jane Austen one just get released? You’re quite correct. But that was the Bank of England’s new tenner. In Scotland, the Royal Bank of…

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Working for the CIA

How can one live free in an unfree world? In Capital & Conflict this week, we’ve been looking at the state of privacy and liberty in the 21st Century. I read all reader emails (, although sadly I don’t always…

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State of plunder

Can you imagine having to “explain your wealth” to a police officer, knowing that if they are not satisfied with your answer, they can seize your home in the name of the law? This is now legal under certain circumstances….

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Fighting a restrictive future

Individual liberty and privacy are not “in vogue” these days. The state and surveillance capitalists take an increasing interest in our lives, with little resistance from us. In fact, most of us purchase the very tools of our own surveillance:…

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