Boaz Shoshan

Boaz Shoshan

When he trained to become a financial adviser, Boaz Shoshan earned a black mark against his name for asking too many questions. Having become disillusioned with the financial services industry, he joined Southbank Investment Research in 2017. The questions haven’t stopped.

Having ventured down many financial rabbit holes, Boaz now writes for Capital & Conflict and is the managing editor of The Fleet Street Letter Monthly Alert. From gold to violins, bitcoin to cigars, and whisky to wine, Boaz’s investing interests are often to be found outside the financial system – despite being a qualified financial adviser.

  • The parting glass

    Capital & Conflict – brought to you by Fortune & Freedom VAUXHALL, LONDON – Well dear reader, we had a good run. But today marks the end of the line for Capital & Conflict. From here on out, this newsletter…

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  • I have to tell you something

    Capital & Conflict – brought to you by Fortune & Freedom HYDE PARK, LONDON – I have some bad news. Actually, it’s not that bad. It’s just a change. But it is something you should be aware of as a…

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  • Going live in 30 mins: on the trail of the “Capital Tsunami”

    CHEDDAR, SOMERSET – Over the past 25 years, investors have bought – on average – $115 million worth of stocks around the world every trading day. That comes to roughly $29 billion entering the stock market every year.

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  • Going live in half an hour…

    The US joins the Soviet Union, the British Empire, and a long list of ancient powers that were bested by this unforgiving country at the centre of the world. Is the sun now setting on America’s superpower status, just as it was for the Soviet Union?

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  • Celebrating fifty golden fiat years

    I hope this letter finds you in good health, and having a great Sunday. I don’t normally write to you on weekends, but felt I had to make an exception today. For today is a very special occasion – a 50-year anniversary, no less. And if you enjoy my scribblings to you at all, I reckon you won’t want to let it go unobserved.

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  • No true ₿itcoin

    Last week, I asked you if you were feeling bullish or bearish on bitcoin. It’s not the first time I’ve asked the readership of Capital & Conflict such a question, but with the market evolving so fast it’s worth keeping our intel fresh.

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  • The Great House/Ape dilemma

    But before we get to that, there’s a different question I’d like to ask you. This is the very question myself and Charlie Morris have been pondering for our latest issue of The Fleet Street Letter Monthly Alert, going out tomorrow, and I’d love to know what you think.

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  • Black Tot Day

    CHEDDAR, SOMERSET – We must end the week on a sombre note. For tomorrow is a grave day indeed…

    It was in 1740 when the Royal Navy first formalised a daily rum ration for sailors aboard Her Majesty’s ships – what would become fondly known as “the tot”.

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  • £36 trillion whale

    Capital & Conflict – brought to you by Fortune & Freedom Watch the live stream this Friday We’ll be streaming our latest episode of Southbank Live on Friday at 10am here on YouTube – my guest this week is our…

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  • Bismarck’s forgotten legacy

    CHEDDAR, SOMERSET – “Whales” in capital markets – those individuals, funds and other players with enormous investment positions – are dangerous beasts.

    They can move markets with their trades, and if you get in their way, they can crush your portfolio.

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