Boaz Shoshan

Fleet Street invasion

Today I would like to share with you some insight from Charlie Morris, the editor of The Fleet Street Letter. Charlie knows the City like the back of his hand, and has a unique perspective on the financial system that…

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The wizards of tomorrow

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. –  Arthur C Clarke Last week, a team of hackers demonstrated that it is possible to lace physical DNA with malicious software – when that DNA is tested, the results themselves take…

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A return to the rum standard

What makes money, money? All kinds of things have been used as a means of exchange in the past, but in recent times our idea of what money is has been confined to paper notes, as this benefits the state….

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A plaster on a bullet wound

Earlier this week, a currency ruptured. To fanfare and criticism, applause and horror, the biggest cryptocurrency in the world splintered. In a “user activated hard fork”, a group of bitcoin miners turned on their peers and began mining a new,…

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17 James Bonds, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in charge

The state’s appetite for military intervention across the globe is unceasing. However, the public is rarely sympathetic to these ambitions, and so intervention is accomplished through other means. These other means often take the form of private military contractors, or…

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A return to sanity… once the dust has cleared

Today I’d like to share an interview with Tim Price, the editor of London Investment Alert and The Price Report. Tim has decades of experience working in finance, and is an award-winning asset manager. He’s a constant source of knowledge…

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Britannia, beggared

Feathers were thoroughly rustled yesterday. The accounts of Her Majesty’s Treasury were released in all their terrible glory. The fate of Britain’s finances laid bare across 150 pages. Britannia pawned her trident many years ago. It still stands, proud and…

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Knowledge beyond knowledge, sorrow beyond sorrow

In 2007, Google launched a new application. It was Google Street View, and its aim was to allow anyone with access to the internet, access to the world. Hidden behind this noble goal however, was a dark and insidious motive:…

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