Our Readers

Candid, timely and honest research and communication – G.L

Very readable & entertaining, not too technical – M.D

Good well tried and tested advice – B.K

You will get a different and pretty well informed perspective on things that you won’t get in MSM or your usual financial pages / magazines – G.A

Very good way to get up to date with the market possibilities and how country and regional politics affects them – C.R.S

If you want to be kept up to date with the investment world this is the place! – L.H

Capital and Conflict is worth reading as it broadens your mind. – J.W

Tell economic news that you never hear about anywhere else – Graham

If you want to gain well researched and reasoned insights that simply aren’t available to Private clients then Capital & Conflict is your intelligent choice. – D.A

I would urge smart investors not to miss the gist of insights before mile-storms are trekked. – L.T

It keeps you in touch with current financial opportunities and how to go about investing in today’s markets. – T.H

It covers a wide range of investment channels and explains the pros and cons in plain language. – P.H

Great information and very much in depth. Research that makes sense – K.D

Honest truth that you dont hear in every day media – Mr Clark

It delivers a thought provoking, thoughtful and truly independent counter balance to the main street noise. – J.M

Reliable, unbiased, sensible investing information – R.N

It’s informative, insightful and very relevant to today’s markets. It’s enjoyable and I look forward to it each morning. – R.P

Great advice to take on board – G.M

Useful investment advice to colour your research and help you to make investment decisions – C.K

You have access to the best overall coverage of Economic and financial developments with interesting investment ideas. – R.B

It’s the most informative and enlightening worldwide financial paper I’ve ever read, I wish I’d discovered it sooner – E.G

Good analysis, supporting information, regular briefings and alerts. – B.K

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