Tomorrow at 10am: Southbank Live Episode #2

MARYFIELD, DUNDEE – Named “Fundee” by some, and “Scumdee” by others, the bonny city of Dundee has a polarising nature. I used to come here quite often when I was younger to visit friends who were studying at the universities here, and I always had a good time. The weather is definitely part of it – this is Scotland’s sunniest city – but it has a charming character too.

It does feel pretty muted now though. Like many areas in the UK at the minute, It feels like you’re walking through a city that’s only just waking up – like it’s emerging from suspended animation. I wonder what it’ll look like once the lockdowns are finally over – for nowhere will be the same, even if they recover fully.

I noted that the Michelin tyre factory that had been based here for half a century shut for good last year. But interestingly, a hydrogen energy company is setting up shop in the old factory was. Our green energy analyst Kit Winder has been pretty impressed with Scotland’s attempts at going green in the past – once he’s recovered from the WuFlu, I’m gonna see what he makes of Dundee’s potential.

But it’s not green energy we’ll be focusing on in tomorrow’s episode of Southbank Live, but the dirty stuff – oil. Black gold remains the most important commodity in the world, and the direction of it’s price has consequences for everyone, not just investors.

The format of the show simple – it’s myself and former Wall-Streeter John Butler discussing market events and news which we think you should be paying attention to, with a live chat box so you can type in your questions or leave feedback.

Also on the agenda tomorrow is the recent corporate global taxation accord pushed by the US, and gold’s recent woes – the shiny stuff just had its worst month since 2016.

We’ll be going live tomorrow morning on YouTube at 10 am – you’ll be able to access the link by clicking here:

If there are any other investment topics you’d like us to discuss, do send ‘em over ahead of time here: [email protected]. And feel free to send me any feedback (positive or negative) to.

We are still experimenting with this style of content, so please forgive us if there are any teething issues. I know plenty of Capital & Conflict readers have a busy schedule, and aren’t always free at this hour. But if you can’t make it have no fear – we shall be making the recording public shortly after we’re done. And if you have a specific question or topic you’d discussed, just send it to me using my email address above.

All the best,

Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Capital & Conflict

PS While we’re running our live show tomorrow, on Thursday we’re running an even larger event…

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