Time to take bitcoin seriously

I should have seen the signs… First, one of our tech analysts – Sam Volkering – wrote to me late one night, a couple of months ago. “You need to start taking cryptocurrencies seriously. They’re reaching the boiling point. Get…

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Gold Beats Buffett

GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – We’re taking the doctor’s orders; 9,000 feet above sea level just doesn’t seem to work for us. So we moved down to the tiny casita we built near the vineyard, 1,000 feet lower. We spend the night there and…

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Nothing but a crisis union

If neighbourhood cats keep fighting, then putting them in a bag seems like a bad idea. Unless you’re an EU politician. They want to keep pulling the strings even tighter. Europe’s various countries all have a history of wars. They…

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Avoid These Popular Investments

GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – “What business school did you go to?” We were joking, of course. But the two young men needed an alternative point of view. In the course of getting their MBAs in Chicago, they had picked up some…

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The clever way to use bitcoin

On behalf of the Southbank Investment Research team, we hope you and your family are well in the aftermath of events in Manchester. If there is any relevant analysis about terrorism to come, it’s not yet an appropriate time. There…

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Not a Good Place for a Heart Attack

GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had a health emergency in a remote location? We never thought about it… until last week. Then we found out. Place at the End Up at the…

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How private pensions ruin your retirement

Thinking like an economist can be terribly frustrating. Every day people insist that moving water to one side of a bathtub will raise the water level on that side. At least they argue the economic equivalent. Because economic understanding is…

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Introducing Our Doom Index

GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – Today, we look at what is going on in Venezuela. For amusement as well as for instruction. As long-term Diary readers know, we are connoisseurs of financial disaster. In Venezuela in 2017, we think we see an especially good…

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The investor’s guide to geopolitics

Can you make money from geography? What about politics? How do demographics affect financial markets? This guide will show you how geopolitics create investment trends and profit opportunities. They’re predictable, convenient to invest in and far more interesting than any…

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Opec’s oil shortage

What if half the world’s oil doesn’t exist? It’s a simple question that sounds downright absurd. But it isn’t absurd at all. In 2011 WikiLeaks revealed a series of cables between American diplomats in Saudi Arabia and their government. In…

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