Fleet Street invasion

Today I would like to share with you some insight from Charlie Morris, the editor of The Fleet Street Letter. Charlie knows the City like the back of his hand, and has a unique perspective on the financial system that…

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Trump Takes a Beating

POITOU, FRANCE – In professional wrestling, scriptwriters always include what they call a “Holy Sh*t!” moment. That’s when one of the stars takes a hit so brutal or so fantastic that the fans yell: “Holy sh*t!” Donald J. Trump, a…

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What would you do?

Next week the world’s central bankers head to Jackson Hole for the annual Economic Policy Symposium. And the financial world is fretting over their words more than ever in anticipation of what might be said at the event. Mario Draghi’s…

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Johnny Reb Was No Terrorist

POITOU, FRANCE – St. Augustine blamed the fall of Rome on the failure of its pagan gods. Historian Edward Gibbon took the opposite view: He thought the empire had been weakened by Augustine’s god. Here at the Diary, we take no…

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What do Britain’s symptoms suggest?

What a glorious day. It has happened at last. Health and safety’s overzealousness has struck Parliament where it hurts – right in the bong. Big Ben’s bong, to be precise. According to various accounts of an enormous parliamentary furore, nobody…

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Will They Haul Off Trump’s Statue, Too?

POITOU, FRANCE – This week, we are talking about the perishable nature of gods. Yesterday, the city fathers of our hometown of Baltimore let it be known that it was time to toss out the old deities. Reports the Associated Press:…

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How much bitcoin does Trump own?

Last night it hit me. With bitcoin well over the $4,000 mark thanks to his foreign policy, you have to wonder how much bitcoin President Donald Trump owns. There’s little question the awesome power of the US president includes the…

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Where the Old Gods Went

POITOU, FRANCE – First, let us begin with an echo from last week… “Hey, Dad, bitcoin went over $4,000 yesterday. An all-time high. I made another $20,000. Not bad.” Pride goeth before a fall, of course. Profits go before losses….

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The wizards of tomorrow

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. –  Arthur C Clarke Last week, a team of hackers demonstrated that it is possible to lace physical DNA with malicious software – when that DNA is tested, the results themselves take…

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Why I’m Sticking With Gold

POITOU, FRANCE – Our in-house expert left us this morning; we have no update on his cryptocurrency speculations. He and his family boarded the 6:22 train to Paris, en route back to Florida. About a half hour after we had taken…

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