• The Bank of England goes for woke

    In fact, inflation is now so bad that the Bank of England and the House of Lords got into a public spat about the central bank policy of quantitative easing (QE – creating money to buy government bonds).

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  • Romans 13 (trillion)

    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – Earlier this week, somebody decided to inscribe the bitcoin blockchain with a bible verse. “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good – Romans 12:21” is embedded within a transaction on block 666,666, presumably…

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  • $pilt ₿lood

    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – “Could this possibly be true?” a reader asks. It’s quite a question. They’re effectively asking if the price of one bitcoin could rise to $4.38 million. I must say, that is quite the price forecast. Bitcoin gets…

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  • Lessons from the world’s worst market timer

    Back in July, billionaire Leon Cooperman said the market was overvalued, and overlooking “a number of things.” And last month, “bond king” Jeffrey Gundlach warned he sees a stock market crash coming sometime within the next 18 months. Meanwhile, SoftBank’s…

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  • The secret love of the “silent billionaires”

    SODERMALM, STOCKHOLM – I told you this’d be coming yesterday… I’ve been banging on about bitcoin for a fair while now, but I want to know your thoughts on the matter. I was wondering how specific I should be with…

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  • A crucible of human effort in the palm of your hand

    Some of you may remember today’s letter, which I first wrote back in April. I’m re-publishing it today as I’m currently working on a related little side project which needs a bit more polish. While April feels like an awfully…

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  • Ignore the naysayers – oil isn’t dead yet

    Remember that bizarre period back in April when oil prices briefly dipped below zero? It was a global first. Aeroplanes sat on the tarmac. Working from home became the norm (at least in industries where it was feasible). Pubs and…

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  • Good cop, bad cop good cop

    THE ARTISAN, STAFFORDSHIRE – “Children have one kind of silliness, as you know, and grown-ups have another kind” – C.S. Lewis May I present, dear reader, the other kind: Italian government borrowing costs back below zero, and heading lower In…

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  • The Bursting Banks of Britain

    THE PALACE HOTEL, DERBYSHIRE – “Don’t ever remember three straight days of torrential rain – the canal is an inch from bursting its banks.” I like a bit of rain (you learn to in Aberdeen), so I’ve been quite enjoying…

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  • Jump over the moon to me

    THE ROYAL OAK, STAFFORDSHIRE – Let’s start October and the sunset of the year with something optimistic, shall we? I have good news. Nay, that’s too mild – I have reason to rejoice, true cause for celebration… You see, I’ve…

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