Is it an art, a science, a philosophy… or just a sham? However you feel about it, the truth is, economic decisions and policies decide how we live, work, save and retire. It affects every sphere of our lives, as you’ll discover here.

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Does the Deep State Have it in for Trump?

BALTIMORE – Two things. One we understand. The other we don’t. First, you gotta hand it to Wall Street. The financial elite were 1,000% behind Hillary. Then, when Donald Trump won the White House, within minutes, they were in his…

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The End of Obamacare? Not So Fast…

BALTIMORE – “The Donald” – still in Manhattan, and still largely ignorant of the nasty critters and perverse ecosystem on the banks of the Potomac – is catching whiffs of swamp gas. Talking to the New York Post, the president-elect said…

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Is there a formula for prosperity?

Can you boil economic prosperity down to a simple formula? It’s the ultimate question. The economic version of, “what is the meaning of life?”. Perhaps I’m setting myself up to fail in asking it. In fact, almost certainly so. But…

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