Going live in 30 mins: on the trail of the “Capital Tsunami”

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CHEDDAR, SOMERSET – Over the past 25 years, investors have bought – on average – $115 million worth of stocks around the world every trading day. That comes to roughly $29 billion entering the stock market every year.

Then 2021 came around.

And things changed significantly.

Care to guess just how much cash has been entering the global stock market every trading day this year? Again, just an average?

$300 million a day?

$500 million?

A billion dollars a day?

Two billion..?

Incredibly, if you answered “all of the above combined” you’d still be a long way off…

So far this year, the global stock market has been stuffed with an average of $3.98 billion dollars every trading day. That data comes courtesy of market intelligence firm The Market Ear.

This keeps up, we’re on track to see a trillion dollars flow into stocks in 2021.

Cash is flowing into stocks this year at a rate 34 times higher than the average.

Now take a moment, and read that sentence again.

What on earth is going on? Who is paying for this? Where is the money coming from?

That’s what we’ll be discussing in this week’s episode of Southbank Live in half an hour.

This is a new weekly show we’ve begun broadcasting in real time on YouTube – check out our recent episodes for an idea of the format, like last week’s here where we discussed how the petrodollar system established by the US and Saudi Arabia in the 1970s might be collapsing.

The show is a platform to discuss pressing market events and investment themes over the past week directly with you, our readers. There’s a live comment box where you can ask questions or provide feedback in real time – I encourage you to join us, and join in.

Please note that we cannot provide personal financial advice on the show. The purpose of Southbank Live is to discuss broad investment themes only.

We’ll be going live at 10am sharp here. I hope you enjoy it!

If you’re busy and can’t make it, have no fear – a recording will be available on that same link soon after we’ve finished.

See you soon,

Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Capital & Conflict

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