Nick O'Connor

Bitcoin’s civil war

Bitcoin has had quite a few years. It’s been the best performing currency in the world. It’s been the worst. It’s been the most volatile. It’s turned teenagers into millionaires without them leaving their bedrooms. It’s even threatened to overtake…

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Sun rush!

Welcome to the age of the sun rush. Solar power installations had another massive year last year – growing by 50% year on year. That growth is mostly down to the USA and China. But the shift to solar and…

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Eerie calm

What connects an outlawed market that’s legal once again… the biggest moral conundrum the tech world faces… and a big development for post-Brexit northern England? They’re all a part of today’s Capital & Conflict, of course! Eerie calm in the…

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Two ways to prosper in 2017

OK. I admit it. If there was one simple, powerful way of succeeding in the markets… that all investors could simply set up and start using right away… I would have told you by now. But there isn’t. There is…

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Has the time come for industrial battery storage?

Let’s start our letter 39 light years away from Earth, at the TRAPPIST-1 solar system, in which Nasa has discovered seven potential “Earth-sized” worlds. ‪Three of them are capable of having oceans, which increases the chances of life being present…

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The fightback is on – but are you with me?

The Capital & Conflict mailbag is brimming with your letters again. And this time, I’ve been forced to do something radical. When you get a letter like the one below, there’s only one thing you can do… Before I explain…

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The world of 1%

Well now. It seems my letter yesterday about how rich retirees feel has really struck a chord. The consensus? The figures may say retirees today are richer than those in work. But it doesn’t feel like it! That’s because there’s…

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Great news for income seekers – or is it?

Have you heard the good news? If you’re a retiree, you’re now better off than people who are in work. That’s right, in the decade during which interest rates and the income yielded on capital has dropped to 5,000 year…

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