Nick O'Connor

Time to take bitcoin seriously

I should have seen the signs… First, one of our tech analysts – Sam Volkering – wrote to me late one night, a couple of months ago. “You need to start taking cryptocurrencies seriously. They’re reaching the boiling point. Get…

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How to solve the cyber crisis

“I go and talk to these companies, and they know they need me and they’re keen to make sure they’re protected against cyber-attacks… “Then, I don’t hear back from them for months. I get in touch again. They say, ‘We…

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UK government: we’ll pay you £20,000 to solve this

Would you like to win £20,000? The money comes courtesy of the British government. It’s stumping the cash up as part of a competition. Anyone can enter. All you need to do is this: Show me a way of pinpointing…

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Three secrets to making your family rich

How do rich families get rich, and stay rich? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the last few weeks. As part of it, I’ve conducted a pretty exhaustive study of pretty much every way a private investor like…

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Fear breaks out of its range

Are we on the verge of World War Three? The standoff between the US, North Korea and China intensified over the bank holiday weekend. I was back up north visiting family and seemingly every time someone put the television on…

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Akhil speaks out – part two

Welcome to the second part of our interview with Akhil Patel, editor of Cycles, Trends and Forecasts. You can read part one here. Akhil recently made a controversial prediction. He believes the stockmarket could hit 15,000 here in Britain –…

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The man behind this shocking prediction

Akhil Patel is an editor at Southbank Investment Research and an expert in economic and financial cycles. He recently issued a note to investors that was titled “The Age of Opportunity”. In it, he contradicted the doom-mongers every step of…

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Akhil vs Minsky

Thank you to everyone who’s written to me after reading Akhil Patel and Dan Denning’s latest presentation. If you haven’t read or watched it yet, you can catch up here. The idea is simple. Akhil is an expert in understanding the deep…

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