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Cyber blitzkreig

Quick, how much food and water do you have in your house? Enough for ten days without access to shops and other national infrastructure? No? What are you waiting for?! Get to the shops! For the time pressed “prepper”, that’s…

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Robotic workforce vs demographic earthquakes

I want to talk to you about two particularly controversial ideas that scare the life out of some people. Then I want to show you why fearing either of them is just plain stupid. And if we have time, I’ll…

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The disruptive disaster facing China

Today’s letter is going to finish where Thursday’s left off: in the future. I’m going to show you how everything has come full circle. Manufacturing will come back to America and Europe. Robots will replace humans. And then the robots…

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The revolution comes full circle

It began in Pittsburgh. And it wasn’t Google, Tesla, or Ford that did it. It was Uber. I’m talking about using your phone to summon a self-driving car. It’s always where this was headed. Electric car drones replacing black cabs…

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Post-Brexit Britain strong, dollar weaker?

Today’s Capital & Conflict is dedicated to all those moon-dogging, doom-mongering economists and experts who said the British economy would fall off a cliff and crash in a fiery heap if the people voted to leave the European Union. This…

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QE to hit dividends via pensions

In today’s letter I want to show you how a QE-spawned deficit in defined benefit pensions could become a problem for all shareholders and savers – even if you don’t work for a FTSE 100 company with a defined benefit…

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Should you sell your stocks?

This just in: UK consumer price inflation in July was 0.6% according to figures out this morning from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Expectations were for 0.5%, according to Bloomberg. That prompted some breathless commentary on Twitter that a…

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Volatility could ruin your portfolio starting next month

We interrupt your regularly scheduled edition of Capital & Conflict to bring you this alarming signal, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal on Friday (emphasis added is mine): As of 12:45 p.m. ET, traders had bought 313,000 calls on the…

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