Central Banks

On 19 October 1987, stock markets all around the world capitulated. It was called “Black Monday”. And its chilling effect led central banks to conclude markets could no longer be trusted. So they assumed control. Since then they have done all they can to try and bend markets to their will, rolling out one extreme monetary policy after another. We show you how we believe this dangerous experiment will play out.

Latest Central Banks articles

Flogging the debt goose

Yesterday we looked into how tightening monetary policy is just stimulus in disguise. Even if central banks raise interest rates, as they did in the US recently, they’re still spiking the economic punch bowl. We’re practically a bunch of drunks!…

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The hawk is really a dove

The Federal Reserve moved interest rates up 0.25% last week. The US stockmarket jumped. Market commentators are mystified by the paradox. But it’s not hard to explain. Or to invest accordingly. Today you’ll discover when a hawk is really a…

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The fightback is on – but are you with me?

The Capital & Conflict mailbag is brimming with your letters again. And this time, I’ve been forced to do something radical. When you get a letter like the one below, there’s only one thing you can do… Before I explain…

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