Dan Denning

Dan Denning

Dan Denning’s belief in free markets, sound money, personal liberty and small government have underpinned everything he’s done during 18 years in the financial publishing industry.

In 1999, he began working remotely with Lord William Rees-Mogg to publish his work in America. In 2004-5 he had the privilege of working directly with him in London.

After writing a book, The Bull Hunter, in 2005, he built a publishing business in Melbourne. It’s now Australia’s biggest and most respected independent financial publishing house.

He returned to London in 2015, working with Nick O'Connor and Bill Bonner to make Southbank Investment Research the leading independent financial publication in the UK

  • Prepare for the Financial Volcanic Eruption

    $22 trillion and QE4EVA… The inflation temptation and gold or government bonds?… Flow towers, victory gardens, and boltholes… NEW PLYMOUTH, TARANAKI – The Fed is going to make this sucker blow. That’s what I found myself thinking this morning, looking…

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  • The Assassination of Bitcoin

    Editor’s Note: The Bonner & Partners offices were closed last Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. In lieu of our regularly scheduled Diary, we share the below guest essay from Bill’s righthand man, Dan Denning. As Bill reported previously, central…

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  • How Trump Breaks up Big Tech

    Editor’s Note: Last week, President Trump accused Silicon Valley giant Google of censoring conservative-leaning articles in its search results. Google denied the charge. But Dan Denning, Bill’s coauthor on The Bill Bonner Letter, thinks the president might be on to…

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  • Borrowing before the bond bust?

    You shouldn’t ignore genuine opportunities to make money. Did you see that Microsoft sold $17 billion worth of bonds on Monday? The US tech giant is one of just two US corporates with an AAA credit rating (the other is…

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  • The evolution of our robot overlords

    Surprise! Your usual host, the lovely Nick O’Connor, is out today. Well, he’s preparing for a sit-down interview with Eoin Treacy (from Trigger Point Trader and Frontier Tech Investor). Eoin’s flown over from Trump-ravaged America and has a hot new…

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  • The most unkindest cut of all

    Oh what a tangled web the markets are weaving for us today, dear reader! All the post-Trump trends in the market – strong dollar, strong oil, falling bonds – are under threat. But the biggest threat to stocks could come…

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  • Europe’s banks are heading for catastrophe

    We interrupt your normal edition of Capital & Conflict for a chance to take a broadside at conventional wisdom. The opportunity presents itself courtesy of the mouthpiece of “received wisdom” in the British financial media. It’s a target rich environment…

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  • American coup

    There are two looming sources of political instability that could lead to market volatility in the next month. The first is clearly the US elections. The second is what happens after the US elections. If I’m right, the aftermath of…

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  • The great wall of worry

    Well it looks like I picked the wrong day to trash hydrocarbons. Yesterday I quoted FactSet data suggesting that earnings in the S&P 500 energy sector could fall by 66% in the third quarter. They still could, mind you. But…

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  • Trouble in Deutschland

    No time to waste today (or any day). Let me begin with the question I left off with yesterday: are corporate earnings rising, and rising fast enough to justify higher stock prices from these levels? It’s a simple question. The…

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