Boaz Shoshan

No nukes for me

Have you been investing in Iranian nuclear technology? If you have, I applaud your audacity. Fortune favours the bold, and investing moves don’t get much bolder than trying to profit from Iranian nukes. To be clear: I have not been…

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Death wears bunny slippers

Have you heard of the Kanyon? It’s a new addition to Russia’s nuclear arsenal. It’s an underwater drone, designed to be fired from a submarine like a torpedo. It can race across the ocean for days, thousands of feet below…

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Excesses of the evergreen empire

It’s been an interesting week in financial markets. FTSE: flat. Gold: up. War stocks: up. As I write, cryptocurrencies are catching a bid again. If your portfolio is in the green today, you’re probably a cynic, or as the Americans…

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Monarch of the Beasts

An apex predator is an animal at the top of the food chain, with prey to hunt, but no predator to fear. They are the royalty of an ecosystem. Beasts are often used as symbols to explain the abstractions of…

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The elimination of desire

Have you heard of a colour called Pantone 448C? It’s also known as “opaque couché”. If you’re a smoker in the UK, you’ll probably have seen it by now on tobacco products, as part of a drive to “kill the…

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Trillion pound porridge

“Stress level quite close.” So ended an email I received from Charlie Morris yesterday. I had asked him his thoughts on a recent spike in a metric that’s built in to more than £250 trillion of assets around the world….

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Money making melodies

What do you reckon this is? I thought it was from a real estate brochure. I was disappointed to find that you can’t live in there as this is the inside of a violin (I suppose the watermark is a…

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To define is to limit

Volatility as a concept is widely misunderstood. Volatility is not fear. Volatility is not the VIX index. Volatility is not a statistic or a standard deviation, or any other number derived by abstract formula. Volatility is no different in markets…

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