Britain and the EU

How will Brexit play out, what will it mean for you as a saver and investor, and what will the wider implications be for the European Union as a whole?

You might think Brexit negotiations are about the UK and its relationship with the EU. But you’d be wrong. There's a lot of anti-EU sentiment creeping up.
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Britain is booming – a post-Brexit opportunity

The Fleet Street Letter’s Charlie Morris sits down with MP Steve Baker to talk about what’s coming next for Brexit Britain in this video interview.
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Latest Britain and the EU articles

An election or a coup?

The election of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women was a surprise. Probably even a coup given the daily reality for many Saudi women. The French election wasn’t very surprising though. Neither of the…

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EU consolidates into the void

Both Deutsche Bank and Societe Generale reversed their bets on the pound in the wake of the election news. They now think the pound is on the way up. That’s bad news for the FTSE 100 and its companies with…

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Theresa May’s crafty Brexit betrayal

Theresa May wants an election in June. So we’re going back to the polls once more. In true EU style, the rejection of the EU in the referendum wasn’t clear enough. Please vote again… It might seem like this time…

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