Britain and the EU

How will Brexit play out, what will it mean for you as a saver and investor, and what will the wider implications be for the European Union as a whole?

You might think Brexit negotiations are about the UK and its relationship with the EU. But you’d be wrong. There's a lot of anti-EU sentiment creeping up.
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Britain is booming – a post-Brexit opportunity

The Fleet Street Letter’s Charlie Morris sits down with MP Steve Baker to talk about what’s coming next for Brexit Britain in this video interview.
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Latest Britain and the EU articles

A Brexit steal is better than a deal

Is tomorrow independence day? Theresa May’s declaration of Article 50 is widely expected. Here’s the relevant clause in all its glory: 1. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light…

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Why a 60 billion euro Brexit is cheap

The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel “Barmie” Barnier, wants the UK to pay around €60 billion to the EU as part of a Brexit deal. That’s around six times our average net annual contribution from 2011 to 2015. Former justice minister…

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Please slow down Brexit

First of all, the team at Southbank Investment Research would like to express its sadness at events in London yesterday. We hope you and your loved ones are all well. On a personal note, the countries and places I consider…

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