Eoin Treacy

Eoin Treacy

Investment director Tim Price has worked in finance ever since leaving Oxford University. He began as a bond salesman and then moved into funds management. His understanding of the financial system has earnt him a high standing in the industry. In 2005, he won the Ansbacher Defensive Investor of the Year award, and has been nominated a further five times. When the 2008 crisis struck – and the FTSE 100 fell 50% – Tim’s clients saw their wealth hold firm.

The investment world is littered with unexploded ordnance – a decade of Quantitative Easing, Zero Interest Rates and trillions of dollars, pounds and euros flushed through the financial system has made most financial assets unsustainably expensive and distorted the prices of just about everything. With central banks displaying imperial levels of over-reach, there is hazard around every corner in the modern financial marketplace.

Happily, there are still investment strategies that make sense for the concerned investor and that don't put your valuable capital at unnecessary risk. Tim Price is an Oxford graduate, author and an award-winning 25 year City insider who now runs his own asset management business. Tim will guide you through the fog of financial warfare, and show you how to both protect and grow your assets at a time of almost unimaginable financial threat. This may be a time of great challenges, but it is also one of great opportunities.

Valentine’s Day massacre or party?

Today’s Capital & Conflict comes from Eoin Treacy. Usually you’ll find Eoin’s work at Frontier Tech Investor, but in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, here’s Eoin’s take on what could make the recent market volatility come roaring back tomorrow… It is…

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14 predictions for 2017

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Property and the blockchain breakthrough

Recently, Nick O’Connor shared two pieces with you about blockchain – what it is, why it’s going to be so big and how you can start thinking about investing in it. (If you missed those pieces, you can catch up here…

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Picking winners in the blockchain race

The race is on. Blockchain is still a developing technology and dominated right now by an enthusiastic but often amateur fan base. The race is to bring it out of the garage and into real commercial utility. A lot of…

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