How and where to buy gold coins and bars

Many people are intimidated by the idea of buying physical gold as an investment. But it isn’t any different to buying jewellery or diamonds. You simply go to a shop and purchase it.

Just like jewellery, there are more reputable sellers, cheaper ones and more convenient ones. All you have to do is make a quick comparison so your purchase is informed.

Below is a list of leading gold brokers where you can buy the different forms of gold – bullion, coins and bars. There are options to buy online, by phone or in a branch.

If you’d like more information, you can read our new Guide to Understanding the Price of Gold, which includes a few stocks picks gold-related.


COMPANY Year founded Buy
Physical Gold Ltd 2008 N Y N London
The Pure Gold Company 2012 Y Y Y London
Gold Made Simple 2010 Y N N London
BullionVault 2005 Y N N London
Baird & Co 1967 Y N Y
(via agents)
ATS Bullion Ltd 2002 Y Y Y London
Coin Invest Direct 2007 Y Y Y
Sharps Pixley 2010 Y Y Y London
Gold Investments 1981 Y Y Y London
Harrods Bank 1969 Y N Y London
GoldCore 2003 Y Y N London & Dublin 2008 Y Y Y Birmingham
The Gold Bullion C. 1993 y N Y
(over £1,000)
Bullion By Post 2008 Y Y Y Birmingham
Atkinsons Bullion & Coins 1990 Y Y Y Birmingham
UKBullion 1989 Y N N Wolverhampton
Goldmoney 2001 Y N N Jersey
Chard 1964 Y Y Y Blackpool
The Royal Mint 886 Y N N  
SA Bullion 2005 N Y Y Cape Town 2010 Y Y N Geneva

Go ahead and buy one

See how it makes you feel. If it helps your wealth feel more robust, go ahead and invest a more substantial sum.

If you enjoy semi-numismatics like the sovereign, there are many very similar options from countries around the world. The Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand, American Eagle and Australian Kangaroo are great options.

But buying pure bullion bars is the most basic way of investing in the gold price. You pay the lowest premiums. Each different maker has their own.

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