The quiet(er) crash

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CHEDDAR, SOMERSET – Following our look at bitcoin last week, I thought I should show you this small roundtable recorded over at Fortune & Freedom on Friday – featuring Nigel Farage, Nickolai Hubble and our tech expert Sam Volkering.

After previous crypto crashes the media has been quick to gloat, points out Nickolai. But after this recent rout, they haven’t been quite so smug. Why?

Bitcoin – the story not in the news

By Nickolai Hubble for Fortune & Freedom

Usually, we review the week’s most important news stories each Friday. Because Nigel has a knack at explaining what’s really behind the story, and why it matters to you.

But this week, we do something different. If you have even a passing interest in bitcoin, or even if you don’t, I think you need to see it…

To hear more from Sam Volkering and where he thinks crypto is heading, check out his briefing here.

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