Moving billions through the financial crisis…

As publisher at Southbank Investment Research, I work with a lot of outstanding market analysts and fund managers.

Charlie Morris might well be the finest investor I know.

He’s a city legend, frankly. For 17 years, he managed HSBC’s absolute return fund, steering billions in client capital through the 2008 financial crisis.

What’s more, he doubled that return fund during his time in charge. So he didn’t just manage billions… he made billions.

Here’s why this should matter to you:

Until 30 December, you have the chance to get Charlie on your side for 2019. To have him guide your investments right the way through the year.

You’ll also get immediate access to two detailed investment portfolios – Whisky and Soda – both of which have comfortably outperformed the market since Charlie started working for Southbank Investment Research in January 2016.

Indeed, if you’d had £250,000 to invest when Charlie started with us, you’d have made a profit of £75,500. That’s over thirty grand more than you’d have made investing in the FTSE 100!

There’s no wonder Charlie’s readers are delighted with his work:

“Charlie Morris is direct, to the point, and approachable. He is clearly experienced and knowledgeable about the financial world” Chris Miller, Kerikeri NZ

“… an outstanding, experienced and free-thinking portfolio manager.” Steve, Haywards Heath

“I have a high degree of confidence in Charlie’s wealth of knowledge, track record and market experience” DB, Durham

“Charlie Morris provides excellent value for money with his regular updates, investment recommendations and general financial outlook.” Archie, Norwich

“Charlie Morris has an uncanny knack of calling the good shots at the right times.” Paul B, Scarborough

“Charlie Morris understands the big picture, or he has a crystal ball. Just go with his recommendations.” M.A, Rickmansworth

Now, I do have to warn you:

This opportunity to work with Charlie does not come up often.

The last time we made his service available to new readers was back in February!

But today, you can lock down his advice for a whole year… and save as much as £240 immediately when doing so.

Act now, though – this offer is only open until 30 December. After that, it closes down, and the chance to access Charlie’s market-beating portfolios – as well as a whole year’s worth of his expert analysis – will be gone.

Remember, Charlie is a man who managed billions for his wealthy clients during a period that included the 2008 financial crisis.

If you’ve got any interest in making money in 2019… I can’t see why you wouldn’t want him on your side.

Click here to grab this chance while you still can.


Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

Category: Economics

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