One asset, for the next decade. But which?

Happy hump day.

Now imagine…

It’s 19 August 2030. You wake up and stretch, and then immediately summon a screen to check your investment portfolio.

A decade previously, an obscure investment writer on the internet challenged you to buy one of three niche assets and hold it for a decade without touching it. Boldly rising to the challenge, you bought the asset you had the most conviction in, and have deliberately ignored its price fluctuations for the last ten years.

Upon checking your investment portfolio, you remember that your holdings of this chosen asset were not actually kept with your main portfolio – you’d kept them in a relic of the past era known as a “brokerage account”.

Dismissing the screen, you rummage through a trunk of old belongings to find your old iPhone Vista XP – the final model before Apple cut out the middleman and just started drilling semiconductors into people’s brains in 2027. You wirelessly charge it, spend a few minutes remembering an old password, and then log in to your old account.

The screen takes seemingly forever to load. But eventually, the figures appear… with good news. You made the right choice – the returns are incredible; life changing, even. With the cash you’ve made from this decade of returns, you’ll be able to upgrade your brain chip to elite status and not have advertisements inserted into your train of thought every five minutes.

You look up the newsletter writer hoping to get in touch and declare victory. You chose the correct asset of the three after all. But you soon discover that any correspondence with the individual is impossible – illegal, even.

A short media article from a few years previous details that he is currently serving time in Guantanamo Bay for “language crimes”; righteously sentenced to an existence of waterboarding and solitary confinement by the speech police for offending sensitive people on the internet with the term “WuFlu” instead of “Covid-19”…

But which asset did you pick?

All joking aside, if you did have to pick just one of the three assets below for the next decade – no trading allowed – which one would it be? I want to “take the pulse” of the readership here and see where (broadly) your loyalty lies.

Just click the asset you’d pick and then come back to this email:

I call the collection of these assets “The Wingnut Portfolio”, or “The Politically Incorrect Portfolio” as they are often spurned by the chattering classes as unproductive, associated with crime, relics of a bygone era or held by those with anti-establishment views. But that doesn’t mean their price can’t go up a hell of a lot.

While all three assets are enigmas in their own right, bitcoin is of course the biggest “unknown” of the grouping. It’s only been around a little over a decade after all, and is inextricably bound to the internet, which hasn’t been around that long either.

But understanding it will be worth your while in the years to come – the internet sure as hell ain’t going away, and its own form of money has the same “exponential potential” that the early internet companies had…

That’s why we’ve made a “docuseries” on the subject, bringing in experts from all over the world to explain what the asset is, and what its potential could be for the future. Hopefully once you’ve seen it, you’ll be much better informed on this brand new asset class – perhaps you might even pick bitcoin for the “ten year challenge”…

If you haven’t signed up to watch it yet, you can do so here.

But that’s all from me for today. I’m just starting work on a rather ambitious project regarding silver which I can’t reveal too much about right now. Regular readers will know I have a weakness for argentum, “the white metal” – and I’m determined to ensure this project matches my passion for it when I present it to you.

Until tomorrow,

Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Capital & Conflict

PS Our docuseries will be going live next week – but if you want to get ahead of the curve beforehand, my colleague Sam Volkering has put a chapter from his book Crypto Revolution on our sister publication, Exponential Investor, for free. Click here to give it a read.

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