Money is changing

“The new hedge against global uncertainties.”

That’s how Forbes describes bitcoin.

And it’s spot on.

Over the last year or so we’ve seen extreme political instability push cryptos through the roof.

Just look around…

The most untrustworthy and volatile US president since Nixon.

Britain’s ongoing brexit uncertainty.

China’s war-footing in the South China Sea.

North Korea sending missiles over Japan.

Venezuela’s sad financial implosion.

In times of potential conflict or extreme financial turmoil, investors used to flock to the precious yellow metal for reassurance. Looking for stability, long-term value and a safe haven, it’s been the asset of choice for millenia.

Not anymore, it seems.

Once, gold was the hedge against uncertainty, the asset where investors could park their cash in times of political and economic turmoil. Now Bitcoin is taking its place, as evidenced by the performance of the two assets in recent months.

Over the last three months, with investors all over the world spooked, bitcoin has surged 109%. Gold is up a measly 3%.

Money is changing. The way we spend it. The way we make it. And the way we store it.

Bitcoin’s unique position as a currency and a commodity make it a very compelling asset for nervy investors.

On the one hand you can convert your pounds or dollars or yen into bitcoin and spend it in an increasing number of places. In Japan alone more than 260,000 stores have just started accepting bitcoin and other cryptos as legal tender.

And on the other hand, it’s a scarce resource. It is hardwired into bitcoin’s code that only 21 million coins will ever be mined into existence. It seems like sometime in the future – perhaps a lot sooner than many people think – a bitcoin supply crunch could create an extreme spike in demand.

I’ll be upfront, I believe bitcoin is going skyward. In fact, way beyond that. I can see the price going stratospheric – to as high as $500,000 a coin.

There are powerful forces behind bitcoin. And in my view they are unstoppable. You can already see them in play:

  • Global instability triggering huge anxiety…
  • Wide mistrust of the financial institutions (central banks, governments) who almost broke the whole system as recently as 2008…
  • And a useable, practical asset (bitcoin) with an in-built finite number

In the same article, Forbes circles back to these same powerful factors:

Growing mistrust of national currencies, following dubious government policies, has pushed people into Bitcoin.

This is a once-in-history transition from old money, to new. It’s happening before your eyes. And if you don’t already have a stake in this revolution…

I have to ask: why not?

If you’re waiting around for something bigger to come along, fat chance.

Over the last 12 months, the crypto market has thrown out some of the most outrageous gains I have ever seen:

2,420% from RIPPLE

2,760% from DASH

4,703% from NEM

1,274% from LITECOIN

99,198% from PIVX


964% from MONERO

18 Sep 2016 – 18 Sep 2017
Past performance is not an indicator of future results

And looking at the wider market – over the same period – it’s the same story. Cryptos have outperformed any market you can name!

Chart comparing the performance of the top 8 cryptos against traditional assets

*Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

As you can see, this revolution is not limited to bitcoin alone. There are scores of white-hot cryptos thriving, ready to erupt.

Yes, this is a new and risky market. That’s to be expected. This is virgin territory. My advice is – only risk money you’re not going to lose sleep over. That way, you put yourself in the running for a potentially spectacular return.

Because here’s the thing…

In my view, the biggest returns are yet to be made.

Let me show you why.

I’ve uncovered one coin that I believe could out-gain bitcoin from here on out. Ultimately, it could make you 49,000% on your money.

If you are comfortable staking as little as £85 on this crypto… that near 500-fold gain could see you walk away with over £14,000.

This is one hell of an opportunity.

And one that I want to help you get in on as soon as you can. Because this market is moving at lightning pace.

So, here’s what I’ll do for you…

Claim your copy of my new book The Crypto Revolution, now!

In my new book, The Crypto Revolution – I show you exactly how I think you can take advantage of this historic monetary “switchover”.

And when you get your copy today open it, read it – and you will discover practical things like…


  • How to set up your “crypto wallet”
  • How to buy, sell and store your cryptos safely – using your home computer or smartphone
  • Which ten cryptos you should never even consider buying

I’ll also reveal the unstoppable forces set to push the price of cryptocurrencies even higher:

  • Why China and Putin are going “all in” on cryptos
  • Why the next financial crisis could mint a wave of crypto-millionaires
  • Why increasing financial controls all over the world will see the crypto network grow exponentially over the coming ten years

What makes this opportunity even more urgent is this…

Sometime before 30 November, the crypto I’m backing to be “the next bitcoin” is due to go through a core upgrade.

When bitcoin went through a similar upgrade back in July, it went on an absolute tear. Mainstream investors flooded in. I think this looming event for “the next bitcoin” could have a similar effect.

My message to you is – get clued up on this market and stake a small amount BEFORE this potentially event.

To help you do that, along with your book, I’ll also open up access to some exclusive extra reports, “how to” videos and research I’ve put together. You’ll have everything you need to understand and stake a claim in this boom market.

I’m doing all of this to make it impossible for you to miss out on what’s going on.

All you have to do is claim it today.

Here’s how you can do that immediately.

Are you going to sit there and watch other investors rake it in from this money revolution?

No way!

Get your book. Get up to speed. Get into cryptos as fast as you bloody can!

Sam Volkering
Southbank Investment Research

PS If you’re wondering why you should listen to me, well… I was investing in bitcoin as early as 2011. That’s before most people had even heard of it. And back then it was selling for just $12. Since then, I’ve analysed and researched this market inside-out. As a professional tech investor and financial adviser I’m not letting the biggest wealth generation event of my lifetime out of my grasp. The question is – will you?

Click here now and claim your book and crypto research ASAP to get in the game.

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