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SOUTHWARK, LONDON – Well, here I am, back in the capital, for a little while at least.

How long I’ll stay, I’m not sure just yet. I’m in town to do some work on a little side-project we’ve got going on here at Southbank Investment Research. It’s not ready for public consumption right now – but I tell you, I’m looking forward to sharing it with you…

In the meantime, I’ve some good news: ₿lockhead, our latest beer collaboration with Cheddar Ales, is now available! You can buy some here.

I sketched out the genesis of how this beer came about last week. Bitcoin has become synonymous with the colour orange, so it only felt right that a beer celebrating bitcoin’s extraordinary price action was an amber ale, with an alcohol content that matches the current reward for successfully mining a block of bitcoin transactions (₿6.25).

I can’t wait to have myself a swig of it. An unfortunate consequence of my trip to London is that I’ll be out of town when my case of the stuff arrives, so it may well turn out that my dear Capital & Conflict readers get to try it first!

While neither myself nor Southbank Investment Research will receive any money from sales of ₿lockhead, my involvement with the project did give me one key advantage – I was able to reserve some for myself ahead of release.

That, I’m afraid, is an advantage that you do not have, and if this is anything like our launch of Quantitative Ease Double IPA last year (which sold out the day I announced the beer was available in this letter), you probably don’t have much time to buy some.

I’ve also been informed that my colleague Kit Winder has spilled the beans to his readers over at UK Uncensored of this beer’s existence, adding further demand for this scarce resource…

I’m hoping there’ll be some left for me to scoop up after you’ve all had your fill. I’ll be taking any bottles that remain – if there are any – in two weeks’ time. I doubt there will be though. If I’ve learned anything about the readership of Capital & Conflict during my time as editor, it’s that you’re a thirsty lot. Which is probably why we get on so well.

However, I am aware that for some readers, beer is just not their cup of tea:

Boaz, as a non-beer drinker I’m beginning to feel terribly left out here.

I’m going to have to watch out for a financial event on which one can devise a really enticing name for a cider and then see if you, with your superior connections, can find a cidery that’s able and willing to produce it.

I take your point about the lightweight [who gave away a case of Quantitative Ease because it was 7.4% ABV], I’ve got some cider stashed away at 8%. On average ciders seem to be stronger than beers.

Keep on with your competitions and naming suggestions, they certainly insert a much-needed lighter note to our current shadowed society…

Duly noted, and I thank you for your kind words. I’m not a massive cider drinker, but it would be interesting to see if such a project is possible. And hey, if Apple stock gets whacked down anytime soon, it’d be a great opportunity a launch a cider called $AAPL Crumble… but might that provoke Apple’s notorious army of lawyers? I’m already getting ahead of myself – one thing at a time…

I was told by a colleague after our release of Quantitative Ease DIPA that he and his friends have since begun referring to drinking as “easing” or “getting eased”. With the release of ₿lockhead, I’m very much looking forward to “getting blocked”.

Back tomorrow,

Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Capital & Conflict

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