Temples of vermin

“… there’s this massive dead cockroach right under this chair.”

“[nodding] There are nights sometimes when you hear the rats scurrying around in the ceiling too.”

Where do you reckon this conversation took place?

The answer may surprise you.

And the truth may explain a lot of the mayhem we’ve seen unfold in recent times…

But before we get on to that, I have an announcement to make. I know many of you are keen believers in sound money and precious metals, so it’s with great pleasure that I introduce The Gold Podcast, now available free on iTunes and Soundcloud.

I’m hosting it with John Butler, a world-renowned gold guru. John’s worked at several investment banks and having witnessed the horrors within, has become a follower of the Austrian School of economics. For those unfamiliar, this is a school of thinking shunned by the central bankers who’ve led us down the monetary rabbit hole we inhabit today.

As the name suggests, the podcast will focus on the macro and geopolitical environment from a gold perspective. We’ll also be discussing the other precious metals, commodities, and other currencies in general.

My first podcast with John is already up, as is the podcast I recorded with Eoin Treacy on gold recently – have a listen and let me know what you think.

Any feedback, positive or negative, is welcome, as are suggestions for future topics and guests: boaz@southbankresearch.com.

Now, back to that conversation on cockroaches and rats. It didn’t take place in some rotting hovel. It took place in the White House, in the famous West Wing no less, between a staffer and one of Barack Obama’s advisors, Ben Rhodes.

I heard it in a documentary called The Final Year. It was filmed in the White House during Obama’s last year in office, and glorifies his administration in the lead-up to the election.

Behind the gleaming pillars of the White House certainly isn’t where I’d expect to find rats and cockroaches – not literally anyway. And yet it is infested.

A similarly duality exists in the people within it. Samantha Power, an advisor to Obama, is depicted in the film as a virtuous heroine, but it was recently revealed she was abusing her security clearance to spy on hundreds of American citizens. She claims it was somebody else doing it in her name, of course.

Modern history is an epic tale of social decay under chronically bad government, masked by increasing technological wealth. […]

Our society’s elite factions are coordinated enough to distort public knowledge of society to neutralize threats to their power, but not enough to rule efficiently and responsibly.

– The Hestia Society

Over in the UK a similar story is revealed. The Houses of Parliament are also plagued with vermin, not to mention falling apart. A duality is seen in elected MPs unwilling to carry out the will of those that elected them in the Brexit negotiations.

A sense that something is rotting behind the poised appearance of the authorities is felt below the surface of society. No wonder the political space has become so unstable.

When did the rot set in, and where did it come from?

Something tells me it’s something to do with the funny fiat money, and not “the Russians” as the media wants me to believe…

All the best,

Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Southbank Investment Research

PS If you’re interested in legally “front-running” some of the biggest investment funds in the world, you may be interested in what Eoin Treacy has been working on recently. But there’s not much time for you to take action on the “trading window” he’s highlighted before it closes. Click here to learn more.

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