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STOCKBRIDGE, EDINBURGH – A short note from me this morning, I’m just off to interview a certain gold expert based in the microstate of Liechtenstein.

This gold discussion will be the final instalment our 2021 Gold Summit – after the one-week event concluded, we recorded a few more bonus interviews for our Gold Stock Fortunes subscribers.

But while the 2021 Gold Summit will shortly be over… we’ve another event, just as large, waiting in the wings.

Yesterday I began a reader poll on the subject of oil – if you haven’t voted yet, please do so below:

Are you bullish on oil?

Just click your answer, and then return to this email. I shall post the results in a letter later on this week.

We’ll be dwelling more on oil this week – and its young competitors. For while I was working on our Gold Summit, our energy analysts have been working on a “Black Gold” Summit of their own.

I’ll let our top energy expert James Allen over at Exponential Energy Fortunes explain why:

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy organising what I’m pretty sure is the world’s third online green energy investment summit for private investors.

I say “third” with some authority.

After all, I also helped organise what we think were the world’s first and second such events.

In April 2020, not long after the pandemic began its deathly spread and government officials around the world shutdown economic activity, we talked to some of the world’s foremost experts on green energy investing as part of our first ever Beyond Oil Summit.

I called in these experts to get you fully informed about the unstoppable green energy transition.

Back then, I was confident (in fact, certain) we were on the right side of the biggest investment opportunity – decarbonisation – out there by an order of magnitude.

As I wrote,

… for me, renewable energy and the new technologies driving the energy transition are a one-way bet for investors. If you’re not staking at least a small amount of your capital into this market, you are turning down the single biggest investment opportunity of the last 30 years.

That was the whole premise behind Beyond Oil, when we spoke to a handful of green energy insiders to speak to us about the $95 trillion opportunity at hand.

It was certainly clear, back in spring 2020, that most people didn’t realise what was about to happen – but it was obvious to anyone who listened to our experts.

Indeed, shortly after the first Beyond Oil summit, we started seeing a clear upshift in the speed and volume of the price rises in the green energy sector, not least in our own Exponential Energy Fortunes portfolio, which recorded some massive winners.

It was soon clear that, despite Covid-19 (or indeed because of it), the green energy transition was picking up speed, with powerful forces coming together, all at once, to create an investing sweet spot that could be ignored no longer…

  • An historic oil crash…
  • The growing demand for renewables…
  • The trillions of dollars, euros and pounds from pandemic recovery stimulus packages…
  • And the trillions managed by private funds…

… were all coming together to reshape the energy world and the financial markets.

With green energy emerging as one of the rare bright spots amid the coronavirus crisis, we decided to do it all again and organise a new green energy investing summit, aptly named Beyond Oil 2, in August 2020.

Just like the first time round, we brought together some of the world’s biggest green energy market experts to talk about what was happening.

What was clear, then, was that the Covid-19 energy markets were essentially a postcard from the future, with green electricity dominating European power grids.

But while the higher renewable penetration levels were in part due to a collapse in demand, we were sure that, in the near future, they would be due to dramatically more renewable output.

Since then, of course, we’ve seen green energy stock valuations first continue to soar and then reverse direction as some of the froth was shaken out of the market and as wider growth and tech stocks slumped.

So where are we now?

Well, that’s the million-dollar question…

I’d say it’s worth a fair bit more than a million bucks. But ask it, we must – and we’ll even try and to start answering it tomorrow. Stay tuned…

All the best,

Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Capital & Conflict

Category: Economics

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