• The battle for your mind

    Here’s your big idea for today, and indeed for the rest of 2018: is Donald Trump about to put a bullet in the tech bull market and trigger an all-out war for free speech at the same time? There are…

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  • How the Supreme Court Failed Americans

    FRANKFURT, GERMANY – It’s hard to know where to start. We connect the dots… but the dots just get wackier. The stock market – already outrageously overpriced – goes higher! The deficit – already way out of control – just…

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  • Harmony is an emergent order

    The more power they get, the less popular they’ll be. That’s the inherent tension underlying the EU. But why is it true? When you can only choose one policy for all of Europe, then that policy will fit badly somewhere….

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  • This Bull Market Is Running Out of Time

    And it’s time, time, time And it’s time, time, time That you love. And it’s time, time, time. – “Time,” Tom Waits YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Yes, it’s time that you always run out of. You wish you’d spent more time…

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  • Harmony or competition in the EU

    In their desperate scramble to find something to negotiate about, the EU and UK governments are turning to ever more ridiculous topics. The latest artificial disagreement is about deadlines. First Prime Minister Theresa May refused to extend the March Brexit…

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  • The Kavanaugh Scandal: Another Deep State Distraction

    YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Here at the Diary, we try to connect the dots. Today, we connect some big ones… Fire and Brimstone The papers are full of fire and brimstone concerning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh… and what happened in…

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  • Big government vs big business

    You might notice you’re not mentioned in the headline. Which is the point of today’s Capital & Conflict. Policymakers and business decision-makers care about your vote and your money, not your interests. And, for some reason, most people are more…

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  • How Politics Poisoned the Earth

    YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Yesterday, we looked at what the U.S. republic has become: a vast swamp of idlers, chislers, cronies, and insiders… all angling for the meat in someone else’s burger. Politicians and public servants no longer retire to their…

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  • Lagarde for Pope

    It’s all so familiar. If I was you, I’d be thoroughly furious. Maggie seems to be absolutely fuming too. Let’s play a game so I can show you what I mean. Round 1. You have to guess which of the…

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  • How to Get Rich in the Swamp

    YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Today, we take a look at the Swamp. Slimy, slippery, slithery – the Swamp stretches out from the banks of the Potomac and beyond. It is home to the government, of course, but also to whole industries……

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