Discover in this pension report:

  • The state pension fund doesn’t exist: the government has spent your National Insurance Fund contributions
  • Defined benefit pensions are dragging down our government, our workers and corporate Britain: not only will defined benefit pensions fail retirees, they’ll drag down entire companies and the government itself
  • Defined contribution pensions won’t deliver a decent retirement: the living standards we can expect from the new defined contribution system simply won’t allow for the retirement you’ve been promised
  • I believe there are 2 ways to rescue your retirement: how to invest outside the system, and how you could even profit from a financial collapse


Do you usually believe in political promises? They never seem to work out well.

But for some strange reason, we all believe in the political promise of the pension. Despite the maths telling us otherwise.

It turns out, we’re no different to the Greeks, Spaniards and Italians. The money to pay out on promises simply isn’t there. And we won’t be able to borrow enough of it. Just as their time came, so will ours.

This report is designed to make you realise three things:

  1. The nation’s state pension pot does not exist. It has been spent. In fact, the National Insurance Fund’s financial situation is even worse than that. I’ll explain exactly how below.
  2. Defined benefit pensions are dragging our biggest companies and most trusted institutions under, as well as crushing wages. Your investments in the stock market are also at risk.
  3. Our defined contribution savings are invested in high risk assets that cannot deliver on their promises of a decent standard of living in retirement.

The result will be a national retirement nightmare.

What’s the point in scaring yourself witless by reading this report? Well, the first step to rescuing your retirement is to realise just how bad things are. That way you won’t rely on a disappearing pension. Or keep making the same mistakes that led the country into this mess.

At the end of this report, you’ll discover two ways you can go about making positive, concrete steps towards a financially healthier retirement, no matter what happens to the national pension systems.

But first, let’s take a look at the black hole that is the state pension…