Is Italy’s financial crisis another stepping stone to Europe’s “Reckoning Day”?

Join the dots in this urgent report:

  • 2018 Crisis Update: Italy’s financial crisis and what it means for the Eurozone.
  • A transcript from my private “off-the books” meeting with former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan: unavailable anywhere else, read how he accurately predicted Italy’s current crisis, and where it indicates things are headed next.
  • “Target2” and the other backdoor mechanisms failing Europe: it could spell the death of Eurozone.
  • From European financial crisis to political crisis: “cracking at the seams” is putting it lightly
  • The Brexit connection: Why Italy and another EU countries could fail if they lose access to the City of London.
  • How to protect YOUR money from this potential global crisis: it’s time to protect your wealth before the Italian financial crisis spreads to Europe, Britain and the world (using expert advice including how to buy gold secretly).


Dear reader,

On 25th April 2018, I published a report predicting a financial crisis would erupt in the most fragile point of the worldwide financial system…

I said its fragility would be brutally exposed this year – with serious consequences for your money, your retirement and for Britain as a whole.

I was talking about Italy.