Cameron’s EU deal in tatters

Dan Denning

The Sunday papers must’ve been tough reading for David Cameron. His proposal to make EU migrants to the UK wait four-years for benefits looks like a dead letter. It would require changes to EU treaties. Knowing that his chance of forcing a treaty change are slim headed towards none, his long and humiliating ‘climbdown’ has begun.

The way of least pain is to jump, fall as fast as you can, and hit the ground running. The prime minister can reform the British welfare system to solve some of the problem. If you have to contribute to the system before you can get benefits, you need a job. This would prevent whatever percentage of migrants are simply people coming over to go on the dole.

About legal authority

Here’s an interesting thought I posed during last week’s podcast. What if the British people vote to ‘leave’ the European Union and the European Union (or the government) ignores them? A referendum, as far as I can tell, has no binding legal authority. It’s merely the will of the people. But in a parliamentary democracy, your MP’s vote counts more than yours (at least on this issue.)

Also, I’m having last week’s show transcribed. I’ll let you know when it’s ready or put a link in the e-letter.

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