The blockchain software bitcoin is founded on has far wider applications than just currency. It promises to change the way we trade stocks, store our data, verify our identities, and even vote.

Today we turn our attention to bitcoin – the world’s first and most famous cryptocurrency and decide whether it’s a buy or not.
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The bull market in bitcoin is back on, says Dominic Frisby. Here, he looks at the digital currency’s “hype cycle” and explains how to get started with bitcoin.
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Bitcoin has yet to go mainstream, but it will eventually turn our whole way of life upside down. Dominic Frisby asks whether it's time to invest in the digital currency.
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Bitcoin’s civil war

Bitcoin has had quite a few years. It’s been the best performing currency in the world. It’s been the worst. It’s been the most volatile. It’s turned teenagers into millionaires without them leaving their bedrooms. It’s even threatened to overtake…

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Bitcoin’s Golden Age

It’s International Women’s Day today. I thought I’d better mention that. But today we focus on a specific moment that took place last week. On 2 March something important happened. But nobody knows exactly why it’s important. Today we’ll try…

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Is bitcoin a fiat currency?

Today we turn our attention to bitcoin – the world’s first and most famous cryptocurrency. We’ll decide whether it’s a buy or not. But first I want to look at exactly what it is you’d be buying: is bitcoin more…

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