Central Banks

On 19 October 1987, stock markets all around the world capitulated. It was called “Black Monday”. And its chilling effect led central banks to conclude markets could no longer be trusted. So they assumed control. Since then they have done all they can to try and bend markets to their will, rolling out one extreme monetary policy after another. We show you how we believe this dangerous experiment will play out.

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Is the housing market broken?

The UK housing market is “broken”. That’s according to communities secretary Sajid Javid. He was talking at the launch of a major government white paper on the housing market. According to some analysis the UK has built 2.5 million too…

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“A 5% return, just to survive”

Thank you to everyone who wrote in about our special income project. It really struck a chord. Remember, this is something we’re developing in response to cries for help from a certain portion of our readership: people who’re suffering on…

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A monumental monetary failure

I don’t have much time today. In an hour I’m sitting down with Tim Price to record a special interview outlining a very particular threat to your money and your freedom. Expect more information on that later in the week….

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