Nick O'Connor

Investing in the world’s next $1 trillion industry

We continue our exploration of the murky world of cybersecurity (and cyber-offence) today. Remember our thesis: it ultimately doesn’t matter if Russia hacked and leaked information that influenced the US election. What’s important is that more or less every major…

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Former “spook” talks cybersecurity

Today we delve further into the murky world of cyber-warfare, with insights from former intelligence “spooks” fighting on the front line. My research team at Frontier Tech Investor spoke to experts from two cybersecurity firms, Darktrace and root9B. Darktrace was…

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Your views on Putin, Trump and the hack

I write to you from Heathrow airport, on my way to Baltimore to meet one of the most powerful – and controversial – central bankers of all time. Can’t say any more than that right now. But expect more information…

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Striking the Hurricane Panda

Later today a plane will land at San Francisco airport and reignite a major diplomatic and military flashpoint – one that will have consequences for us all. It’s another part in the story I’ve been telling you all week –…

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A $92 billion scam

In today’s Capital & Conflict… scamming your way to a $92 billion “profit”… why our monetary system is built on shaky foundations… a simple way to make $3,000… the final nail in the coffin for the media… and more. Two…

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Undeclared global warfare

Let’s do a quick straw poll. I need your opinion on something. It’s the biggest and most controversial geopolitical story in the world right now. Did Russia “hack” the US election? Did Russian cyber-attacks favour the presidency of Donald Trump…

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Is there a formula for prosperity?

Can you boil economic prosperity down to a simple formula? It’s the ultimate question. The economic version of, “what is the meaning of life?”. Perhaps I’m setting myself up to fail in asking it. In fact, almost certainly so. But…

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Predicting a monetary hurricane

Should the bank of England have seen the 2008 financial crisis coming? Everyone’s favourite economist Andrew Haldane – chief Bank of England economist and “let’s abolish cash and impose negative interest rates” proponent – certainly thinks so. He may or…

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