Charlie Morris

Charlie Morris

After a career as an officer in the Grenadier Guards, Charlie spent 17 years as the Head of Absolute Return at HSBC Global Asset Management, managing more than £3 billion in client funds.

During his time, Charlie helped both protect and grow the wealth of scores of wealthy investors. In fact – and keeping in mind that past performance is no guide to future results – between 2003 and 2015, his fund made a cumulative return of more than 100%.

To be blunt, what Charlie Morris doesn’t know about the financial markets just isn’t worth knowing. He knows how to succeed in the financial world. And now he’s sharing that insight with Fleet Street Letter readers.

He’s known and respected as a specialist on gold, crypto-currencies and momentum investing. In fact, he’s made over 200 appearances as a guest expert on various financial television programs.

In short, he’s not an ‘armchair pundit’… he’s a battle hardened investor with real experience making money in the financial markets.

Britain’s banks: a bargain for value hunters

The big four have taken a battering and there’s stiff competition ahead – but right now, they’re among the cheapest value stocks out there, says Charlie Morris.

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Why it’s time to invest like it’s 1999

The 1990s trend for past winners to lag value sectors is back. Play it by buying European financials, energy firms and emerging markets, says The Fleet Street Letter’s Charlie Morris.

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Why I’m buying bitcoins

Bitcoin has already had one boom and bust. It could be about to have another, says Charlie Morris. That’s why he’s buying.

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The Fleet Street Letter “scorecard” so far

The past two months have flown by since the relaunch of The Fleet Street Letter in late January. At that time, stockmarkets were falling as negative interest rates were unsettling the banking sector and the Chinese slowdown was impacting commodity…

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Three exciting currency trades

Charlie Morris of the Fleet Street Letter gives his take on where these three currencies are heading to next.

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EU referendum: We need another reformation

The EU is the Vatican of our time – and it’s high time for a protestant revolt. Spread the word and vote leave, says Charlie Morris.

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Charlie Morris: the future of investing is digital

In the first part of our interview with new MoneyWeek writer Charlie Morris, we found out about his time growing up in Hong Kong, his army training, and the time the Prince of Wales wanted to get in his bath. Today,…

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Charlie Morris: absolute returns and bathing with royalty

Today we’ve got the first part of an interview with regular MoneyWeek contributor Charlie Morris, who’s currently working with us on a major new project (more on that later this week). Below, Charlie talks about growing up in Hong Kong,…

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