Oil’s next move will be explosive – but in which direction?

After jumping north of $50 following Opec’s decision to limit supply at the backend of 2016, the oil price this year has been largely “range-bound”. Wow! Thank you to everyone who joined me live last night as part of “Project…

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Should Trump “Unleash” Wall Street?

LOVINGSTON, VIRGINIA – Stocks show little movement. Investors are waiting for something to happen. And wondering… Corporate earnings have been going down for nearly three years. They are now about 10% below the level set in the late summer of…

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Backstage from our very first live tech event

I can’t write to you for long today. I’m here with Sam Volkering preparing for tonight’s live event. If you’ve missed it – and I don’t know how that could be since I’ve been banging on about it all week…

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An Homage to Love

Today, we pay homage to love. As mysterious as central banking. As sublime and incomprehensible as negative interest rates. As baffling as Trump’s budget plans. At first glance, love seems well away from our normal beat here at the Diary. But…

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Robot society could make you 10–X

Did we just witness the start of a robotic society? An alliance of robots working in league with one another for the benefit of all (robots), not one? Don’t worry. Our robotic friends haven’t yet risen and overthrown us. I’m…

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This Is How the U.S. Empire Destroys Itself

BILL BONNER, CHAIRMAN, BONNER & PARTNERS BALTIMORE – Victoribus spolia… So far, the most satisfying thing about the Trump win has been the howls and whines coming from the establishment. Each appointment – some good, some bad from our perspective –…

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Will stocks beat gold until 2034?

Quick. Answer on your gut. Where’s the best place for your money today, stocks or gold? OK, so perhaps that’s an unfair question. I don’t expect you to answer important questions about your finances on a “gut feeling” – although,…

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How I’m Prepping for the Next Recession

Editor’s Note: Bill wrote the following essay in the middle of last year. But given our new president’s spending plans, it is perhaps even more timely now. GUALFIN, Argentina – If the recession doesn’t appear this year, it won’t be the…

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An “epochal disruption” that could make you ten times your money

On the table for you today is an opportunity. A big one. Whether you take it depends on what kind of person you are deep down. Here’s the story in short: Right now, a group of technology companies are challenging…

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A Government for Old People

MIAMI – “The CQ certainly went down when you came into the hotel,” said one of our two sons here with us. “What’s the CQ?” “The cool quotient.” The Edition hotel in Miami’s South Beach has so much cool, your…

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